A consulting team always available

Our technical support services and systems, remote and on-site, to solve all your problems with care and attention.


    Our task is not only to respond to your requests of intervention, but also to anticipate them.
    For this we offer services remotely on your specific request or in a scheduled technical assistance plan.

    Our remote support services

    Here, in practice, how we can help:

    – System support

    – Telephone availability

    – Scheduled periodic inspection, a sort of “check-up routine” of systems in use;

    – Monitoring and remote administration


    We can give IT support within a planned technical assistance plan, or on the basis of specific requests.
    We define together with you the response time, based on your needs, delivering customizable services.

    Our on-site support services

    Our system engineers and technicians will be at your disposal in place for activities:

    – help desk hardware e software

    – generic support for planned maintenance and client updates

    – software installations based on checklist agreed with the IT department of the customer

    – system support for upgrades of hardware and software platforms

    – new installations or migrations

    – Scheduled training or on-the-job

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We are at your disposal to prevent, and resolve your problems.

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